Gry Worre Hallberg's practice is research-based and she is currently writing a practice-based PhD at the University of Copenhagen.  With the performance group Sisters Hope she develops new art-based research methods to collect data in the large-scale on-going project Sisters Academy. These methods allows us to transport data out of the sensuous experiment while the participants are in the sensuous and poetic mode which it is the ambition to activate during the manifestations. It is the development of a new methodological and analytical tool that operates from within while it transports data out. Thus, the content of The Archive (see below) gives us special insight into the aesthetic mode of being as the data is produced while the aesthetic experiment and experience is going on rather than afterwards.

The concrete tools for data collection during the academies include logbooks, notebooks, diaries, an unmanned confession booth equipped with a camera and other articles which is donated to our Archive. The aim is to identify a selection of informants response to the Academy’s radically different educational, performance- and research approach. All data collected during our manifestations is donated to our Archive. The Archive is open source. This mean that everyone can have access to the Archive, which we bring whenever we manifest in larger scale. The data in the Archive is accessible for research, visual representations and other purposes by everyone interested (We handle information according to the guidelines provided by The Faculty of Humanities’ Research Ethics Committee).

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in visiting our Archive.

Photo: diana lindhart